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The story behind Pennylane Farm goes back to around 1964 when Sue Gillespie was a very young girl growing up in Liverpool, England.
Sue's grandmother literally dragged Sue and her brother to Sefton Park to listen to a then, unknown band, telling the children that one day they would thank her for taking them when they were older. Little did Sue realize at that time how true this statement would become.
As the band became more popular, more and more people came to hear them. Police began to attend on their magnificent horses to control the crowds.
Sue now changed her attitude about going to the park to listen to the band and constantly pleaded with her grandmother to take her there. Really, Sue  only wanted to see the beautiful police horses.
One of the songs that the band played was Penny Lane and Sue swore that when she grew up and owned her own horse farm she would call it Pennylane Farms.
Sue and her family emigrated to Canada in 1969 and Sue owned her first horse at the age of eleven. Within two years, with the money from an after school job, Sue had saved enough to purchase three more horses. She boarded someone else's horse to help support her own four horses.
The rest is history, and every day is a learning experience. Sue's dream became a reality and she wouldn't trade her life style for anything else. Over the years she has learned that each horse is as different as its owner and in order to receive respect from these wonderful animals, you must first give it. Today the farm is operated with her husband Al and their daughter Mandy.
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