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Pennylane Farms offers the most personalized care that is available.
Each horse is treated as though it was our own and respected the same.
We are firm believers that in order to receive respect you must first give it whether with an animal or an owner.
Each horse is monitored on a daily basis and oddities are addressed immediately.
The horses are grained morning and night along with 1st and 2nd cut hay fed in their stalls. Round bales are fed outside summer and winter and grazing available in the larger fields during the summer months.
Horses are turned out every day for as long as possible, weather permitting.
We have our grain formulated from the finest ingredients and serviced from one of the finest feed companies around,                   Floradale   Feed Mill.

We test our hay and tweak our grain  accordingly. Each horse is fed what his / her requirements are and are  monitored and adjusted as needed.
A healthy horse starts from the inside out and yes, we have a reputation as being hard to please, from our hay farmers anyhow!
A  happy horse is a content horse, hay outside 12 months of the year as  well as free grazing during the summer months, heated water troughs  during winter months and shelters.
This all leads to a happy owner as  well.
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